The Mexican and Canadian butterfly: Yoga and spiritual awakening.

Freedom is a perception; a transition is necessary for evolution. Happiness is the process; love is the life method.



A Mexican slang word for “friend” or “pal”: Our Mexican culture-inspired outdoors and sports line.

Flow like the air, experience all-new adventures. Live outdoors; smile with your Cuates.


Mexican term used to refer to “little ones”: Playful children’s line featuring their favorite characters, such as dinosaurs and superheroes.

Whether days are good or bad, life is better with little our ones. It’s a game full of color and joy.

Ángeles y Santos

Angeles y Santos: Angels, spirits from heaven. Saints, human beings gone to heaven. Spiritual symbolism in Mexican culture.

Seeing life as a duality, in a holistic upside-down way, where there is no beginning nor end. Where our dreams and myths become reality and merge with the glamour of our world.